How to Update Realtek Audio Driver Latest Version Oct 2020


If you want to update Realtek audio driver then you are in the right place, there are many ways to update your Realtek drivers in your Windows XP, 200, Windows 8, 8.1 and up to Windows 10, there 3 most common way to update your Realtek audio drivers, you need to follow the steps which are given below.

Ways to update your Realtek audio drivers

Manually and Automatically 

There are three different ways which you can use to update Realtek driver in your computer and laptop easily,

  1. Manually by From Device Manager
  2. By Download and Install again
  3. Automatically By Realtek HD Audio Manager

These are the methods we have discussed in this article you can scroll by clicking on the method links given above to read and update the realtek driver.

Update Realtek Driver By Device Manager

You need to follow these steps given below if you want to update your Realtek driver without manually download the Realtek audio driver from the website you can update your driver in few clicks with the help of device manager in laptop and computer both.

Steps to update the driver from device manager

  • First, click on the start menu or right-click on my computer and go to properties and after this find the device manager option on the top left corner of the window.
  • Find the Realtek audio drivers under the sound > video and game controller, select your sound card in this list
  • You will find the updated driver option under the driver tab hit on the updated driver and it will start updating your Realtek audio drivers automatically you can see in the image below.


Update Realtek Audio Drivers by Download and install

Are you want to update your driver by just download a fresh copy of Realtek audio drivers and install it again in your computer or laptop then you just need to go to Link and Download realtek audio driver select your version of software as your windows version ether 32bit or 64bit both are avail on the site you can select and hit on the download button

Windows 200, XP and all 32Bit Version

Download Now

Windows 200, XP and all 64Bit Version

Download Now

After Download Realtek driver software opens it as administrator and starts installing but before you install the driver again you need to uninstall the old version driver from the computer for uninstalling just go to start menu > control panel > Programs > uninstall the program, and just find your driver or uninstall it.

Then again try to install Realtek audio drivers and after installing the driver restart your computer and your driver will installed completely.

Update Automatically By Realtek HD Audio Manager

IF you have installed Realtek HD Audio manager in your computer then you just need to update Realtek manager or you can just update by going in device manager that we have discussed above and you download install again the second option which we have to update our Realtek audio driver



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    driver has stopped working after an update.When I try to re install update from the installer I downloaded from Realtek. Windows tries to uninstallthe driver that is working. But the PC shutdown with an error message adn will not uninstall the driver thats not working

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