Top 5 Best FREE Music Streaming Apps That Allow You to Download Songs On Android 2020

Best FREE Music Streaming Apps

Today I will share with you the top 5 best free music streaming apps that allow you to download songs on yourAndroid device

Best FREE Music Streaming Apps – Download and Stream Music

Let’s Start the List and see some amazing apps to listen music

Set Beat

Set beat app is basically a music streaming application this app has all the songs that Spotify had but offer all of them for free of cost thus said beat tap becomes the best Spotify alternative

Another excellent feature about this app is the offline mode of the said beat using which you can listen to favorite music even when you are offline

This app offers some unique and extraordinary features this is basically an app that will make you experience a complete pleasure of music it is a great platform for all the users who are seeking to enjoy with a huge collection of tracks within this app

You can experience a great extensive list of international music by all the well-known artists select tracks and add it to your playlist you can play them any time accessing other apps simultaneously without any interruption

All the tracks in this app are free to download and you can even listen to them offline you can find any track just by knowing its artist name

Set beads app is a super cool app where the options are well organized you can discover your entire favorite tracks and also recommend them to your friends

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Kivi music

Twitter Kivi music is an app to convert YouTube into your own private music library from the main tab in the app

You’ll see the trendiest hits worldwide but we can also take a look directly at the tabs for other genres or artists otherwise just hit the search tool directly of course clicking on one of the videos starts playing automatically within the app itself without any advertising

With a single tap add it to your favorites or to any other list that you created this way you’ll access any song much faster playing music background gives you continuous listening experiences and helps you multitask

You can listen to your favorite music and chat with friends at the same time immerse yourself and high quality sound our unique – mode can save you much more data and battery than other apps do

Besides sound quality is upgraded to enhance your music experiences you can either search for millions of music on your own or discover curated playlists access to the songs and music you love is unlimited

Try out curvy music for non-stop and high-quality sound now


Fildo is a music streaming app which gives out an option to stream and download music from other sources Fildo is one of the most popular applications for downloading and playing music as it routes the search to different other applications to get the source

You will find millions of songs on the Internet and it is hard to search for every song available on the earth there will be a list of music streaming websites and applications which stores different kinds of music tracks or songs as there are millions of songs in the world ofInternet

it is important to search for a particular song in a short span of time this helps you in saving more number of music tracks and avoids using more data while storing different music tracks regularly filled

It lets you download two different songs from different languages and countries and helps you searching music tracks easily as

the source of the music would be taken from different sources if you are a music lover and love to listen to different kinds of songs then you can download the Fildo app

Audio Beat

The audio beat player is a music player that lets you play music from various sources the local library YouTube and SoundCloud in a simple and effective interface with the ability to send audio to external devices via Chromecast or Chromecast Audio

the app lets you create playlists by combining tracks from various sources through the powerful search tool and listening to music from YouTube with the floating reader while using the smartphone

the player also features an auto-tuned interface designed to support voice controls and offers the ability to enhance sound output with an equalizer with numerous options and presets plus a tool for downloading covers of albums

audio beats player is available forAndroid for free without in-app purchases but is currently under development so it may be unstable and also requires access permissions to microphone Wi-Fi connection photo media and files here’s the badge to track down the app in the Play Store

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Y Music

This is a great YouTube player that lets you stream audio-only from YouTube videos allowing you to save a massive amount of data if you are playing music videos on YouTube it also lets you download videos or just the audio from a video directly to your device

the audio playback from YouTube works as expected because the app only streams the audio of the video you are going to save some of those precious mobile data balance

you should be using the app to stream music outside the reach of Wi-Fiadditionally

the app can play all this in the background making the whole experience feels like

I’m using an actual music streaming service music interface is fancy most of its code is based around another open-source music player with the name of the jockey

Hope you found this article informative and helpful!

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