The Best FREE Video Editing Software for PC and MAC | Beginner Friendly

In today’s article, I’m going to be sharing with you the best free video editing software that you can find for pc and mac

The Best Free Video Editing Software for PC and MAC

The way i approached this software from someone who is just starting on youtube just started creating their own personal video projects or you’re just starting to make video ads for products you’re trying to sell there are eight different video editing programs

I’m going to talk about in this article I’ve decided to split them into two groups of four the first group of four are definitely worth checking out

But I will get into it the second group of four are the ones that I highly recommend as a beginner to just check out as I find they are easy to use they are more intuitive and they have the features that you’ll need to get started

let’s just jump in with the first group which is the definitely worth checking out but there’s about okay so

the first four programs that you could check out for free are Openshot Shotcut Lightworks and HitfilmExpress

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starting with Openshot it’s a very simplistic piece of video editing software it’s easy to open up a video file it’s easy to drop it into a timeline cut it up to move it around very very simple

however, when it comes down to needing effects transitions or adding text your options are very limited here, in fact, I’ve messed around with this piece of software for quite some time I still haven’t managed to figure out if you can even add text to your videos in this software

so this is why it is first and you know lowest on the list in this uh in this whole video it’s worth checking out if you’re very new or completely new to video editing as it is kind of easy to navigate and easy to understand

but I definitely recommend after checking out for about a day or even a couple of hours move on to one of the other pieces of software so moving on to

the other three applications in this group Shotcut Lightworks and Hitfilm Express these three are all very powerful pieces of video editing software in fact they are pro-grade pro level pieces of software

Lightworks and Shotcut 

Lightworks and Hitfilm Express the issue I found with Shotcut and Lightworkswas that they are very complicated to use I have a couple of years experience in video editing

I still stumbled around this software and I found it hard to navigate and find the options that I needed when just simply trying to add some text to a video so I think they are very worth trying out

if you have a lot of experience in video editing but if you are just fresh off the boat and just want to jump in and edit a very simple video add some soundtracks and add some text then these programs aren’t really for you I recommend you know a couple of years experience and then check them out later on

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express on the other hand is an absolute delight to use I really really enjoyed testing out this piece of software I found it intuitive I loved the layout I understood where all my tools were it had so many different options

it was just a delight to edit a video in this piece of software the only issue and this is where the but comes in is when I try to add text to one of my video clips was greeted with a small orange add-on button is clicked this button

it took me to a website where I’d have to pay9.99 to unlock the feature just to use some text so this is why you get the buts this is the but with Hitfilm Express is that yes

it’s a fantastic piece of software but it’s not essentially free with the free version you can edit a clip or you can add it several clips together you can edit the audio you can add music input

if you want all the extra features or if you want some extra features you’re gonna have to start paying for it so that’s why it’s in this group of four but they’re all very worth checking out and like I said they’re free that said let’s move on to

The four recommended right so the best free video editing applications or software that you can find on pc and mac

if you’re just starting out making videos are video ad Videopad, Filmora9, iMovie and Davinci Resolve these are the best four that you can find


so let’s just talk about Videopad really enjoyed Videopad I only recently came across Videopadand it is so good it’s basic

simply, it’s intuitive everything just works it’s a joy to use it separates your video and your audio you’ve got your tools right there you can add text very easily it adds text as a separate layer

you can just see where all the elements are in your video edits it’s just it’s great so definitely worth checking that one out next


we’ll talk about Filmora9. this is a creator’s dreamFilmora 9 it seems as they designed it for YouTubers it’s got all the transitions it’s got all the text it’s got all your lower thirds

it’s just got so many design elements that you can throw into your videos for free it’s fantastic there’s free music in there it’s very simple to edit your videos

it separates your audio and your video is just a joy to use and they really did take into account creators when they made this piece of software there is a small caveat with Filmora 9is that when you export your video

if you’re just using the free version it will put a watermark on your video so it will say wondershare who make filmora on your videos so you will have to pay the reason I put filmora into this section and not the previous section

because you will have to pay for an upgrade if you want to get rid of that watermark is because if you’re just creating content and you want to add in all the effects the transitions and everything to make your content look good filmora really does do that for you in the easiest way possible out of all the pieces of software

on this list in fact I really wish I had started out making my youtube channel with Filmora 9 because I think it just would have made my videos look so much more polished so much more professional straight out of the gate so yeah if you’re starting a youtubechannel

I do recommend checking out Wondershare Filmora 9 it’s um yeah it is pretty good plus if you just want to practice you can just download the free version and just practice and export with the watermark but you can sort of see your results you’re going to get anyway and if you like them then you can pay for the full version but it’s definitely worth checking out free


next, let’s talk about iMovie now I don’t any Apple products so I haven’t personally used it but there are some very successful YouTubers like Graham Stephan

as we all know make fantasticpieces of software that are highly intuitive and just very verysimple and easy to use but get the job done professionally andiMovie is a great free video editor

if you have a mac sodefinitely worth checking out sadly you can’t get it for pc butthere’s the brakes and finally let’s talk about the bestpiece of software on here

Blackmagic’s Davinci Resolve

and that is Blackmagic’s Davinci Resolve 16. now I absolutely love this piece of software and it’s what I use when I ‘editing these videos I just find it so simple to trim and edit a video

if I need to do some slight color grading that’s integrated into this piece of software if I need to change the audio in any way I can do that in this piece of software if I want to add in the text if I want to add in effects and transitions and allsorts

I can do that in the software it’s very easy to see in your timeline it’s very easy to see in your media bin which is like where you store all your videos and your clips and your images that you want in your video it’s just it just makes sense it just works

it’s 100 free there is a paid option in which you get the extra five percent of all the pro-level bells and whistles and that is three hundred dollars but for the absolutely free version it’s a jam-packed piece of high-quality high-grade Hollywood level editing software


it’s just there on your computer for free so there you go guys that is the best free video editing software that you can find we’ll go over the list again Openshot Shotcut LightworksHitfilm Express Videopad Filmora 9 iMovie and Davinci Resolve

the number one we can put little one above it there you go Davinci Resolve you champion it’s my favorite I highly recommend you check it out but you can’t really go wrong with any of the other pieces of software other than Openshot

it’s kind of trash but you can’t really go wrong with any of the other ones on this uh in this video they’re all really good and their free so you know free is the best price

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