Realtek Audio Driver Download R2.82 for Windows Vista/7/8/10

Realtek Audio Driver Solutions for Windows

Realtek Audio Driver is very common and most used HD Audio driver solution, Realtek Driver Provide high quality (Digital Theater Sound) DTS Dolby Surround Sound to your Computer via your system’s Audio card.

It is compatible to many OEM computer brands, Realtek HD Audio Driver is simple solution to deliver high quality audio/sound extra volume to Consumers.

Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers

Below are most commonly used Realtek audio driver versions and latest update that are support almost all Windows operating systems with Download Link, Also Solutions for most common issues in Realtek HD audio driver and installation options.

What is an Audio Driver?

Audio drivers are those drivers which are required to connect with specific bits of PC Sound equipment. It is a lot of little projects which are significant for its chipset. Also, you know, each Sound card who needs physically introduced drivers to work, primarily accompanies a drivers CD or DVD when you purchase another card for your PC.

How to Download Realtek HD Audio Drivers

Download Realtek high definition audio drivers to your Windows  computer all you need to do is head on over to the Download Link or Button that’s in the Post Below , and you will end up on the Download page wait till the countdown over and click on Download Realtek HD drivers.

Once you’re on this page you now need to click on high-definition audio drivers and you need to select the version for your Operating system whether you’re running 32bit Windows or 64bit.

(x86) 32Bit Version

DescriptionVersionUpdate TimeLink
Windows 200, XPR2.822019-04-02 08:39:18Download
Windows Vista/7/8/8.1R2.822019-04-02 08:39:18Download

(x64) 64Bit Version

DescriptionVersionUpdate Time Link
Windows 200, XPR2.822019-04-02 08:39:18Download
Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 R2.822019-04-02 08:39:18Download

Realtek Audio Driver System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/ Windows 7 / Windows 8/ Windows 10.
  • Memory: 512 MB Ram.
  • 200 MB :  Hard Disk will be Enough
  • Processor: P4 or Higher.

Why do we need Audio Drivers?

A simple answer to that is Good Quality Audio. The basic and pre-installed audio drivers are not upto the mark as compared to external audio drivers. Now what if we don’t use audio drivers ? Obviously not using a audio driver will turn your actual audio quality into scratch. Whereas when you use Realtek HD audio driver comes in play to enhance your audio quality.

How to check your current Audio Driver?

In order to check your current driver software follow the steps given below :

  1. Open Device Manager of Your computer by Computer Properties
  2. In the computer properties where you see all the information about your computer, on the left side you will find “ Device Manager
  3. Click the + sign in front of the device category you want to check.
  4. Double-click the device for which you need to know the driver version.
  5. Hit on driver option tab, The Already Installed driver version will be shown on this page.

How to Install Realtek Audio Driver in Windows

Method 1 Manually

  • Download the Drivers by Clicking on download Links
  • Extract Zip File first
  • Open Folder and copy Folder’s Address
  • Right click on My Computer go to  properties or use Shortcut Windows+pause
  • Click on Device Manager
  • Double Click on Sound Controllers
  • Now Right Click on Realtek High Definition Audio Device
  • Click on Update driver software
  • Click on Brows My computer for driver software
  • Now select Realtek Audio Drivers File
  • Click on Next ( Done )

Method 2 Automatically

  • Download the Driver file by choosing your Version of Window
  • Extract Zip file to your Computer
  • Open Extracted Folder
  • Double Click on the Realtek Setup File
  • Wait For Processing
  • Now you Need to Click On Next
  • And once again you need to click on Next
  • After the processing Finish You will show the Finish Button
  • Now Click on Finish Button
  • Restart Your Computer and your Realtek Audio Drivers is Now Installed

Windows 200 / Windows Xp Install Instructions:

  • First time install Driver Setup.
    • Step 1. While Installation of Realtek HD Drivers, if Windows detects Multimedia Audio Device then Press (ESC) to cancel Popup Window.
    • Step 2. Double Click and Run the Downloaded .exe file of Realtek Driver to start installation.
    • Step 3. Now Click on next button on installation window to continue the installations process, if you get any Popup window that say, “Your resolution is lower than  1024*768” Then simply press ( Yes ) and Continue installation process, Also if you Face another Popup like  “ Not Found Digital Signature “ Again press enter or click on YES to Continue.
    • Step 4. At the end you will See final window of installation select “Restart The Computer “ and press Finish, You have successfully installed Realtek Drivers in Windows XP Or 2000.
Install Instructions For Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows 8
  • Setup Installation First Time
    • Step 1.  Double click on downloaded Realtek High Definition Audio Driver .exe file and start the process of installation.
    • Step 2. Click on next button on installation window to continue the installations process, if you get any Popup window that say, “Your resolution is lower than  1024*768” Then simply press ( Yes ) and Continue installation process, Also if you Face another Popup like  “ Not Found Digital Signature “ Again press enter or click on YES to Continue.
    • Step 3. Finally Choose Restart Windows System and Click on Finish, You Have complete the Installation process in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Although in Windows 8 Same.

How to Remove Realtek High Definition Drivers

·         Windows XP, 200 / 7 / 8

  • Step 1. Click Start and Go to > Settings > Control Penal.
    • Step 2. Find (Add or Remove Programs) Click on icon.
    • Step 3. Find and Select the (Realtek Audio Driver) Hit on Remove Button.
    • Step 4. Finally Select Restart and Click on (Finish) The uninstallation is over.

How do I completely remove drivers from Windows 10?

  • Step 1. Click Start and Go to Setting open (Control).
  • Step 2. Find and click on (add or remove programs).
  • Step 3. Select Audio Driver and click on remove
  • Step 4. Finish and restart your computer, you done.

How to disable Realtek Audio Driver ?

  • Click “Start” then type “Device Manager” in the search (or “Run” bar if using XP) then hit “Enter.”
  • Locate the “Sound, video and game controls” option from the left hand list and double-click on it to expand the device list.
  • Right Click with mouse on sound card (it will found in “Sound > video > game controllers ” menu) Choose and select DESABLE.
  • Then hit on YES button if you wish to disable you realtek audio driver

Is it safe to uninstall Realtek Audio Driver ?

As mentioned in the beginning, what audio drivers do is enhance your audio quaility from PC output. And on the same when you delete not only realtek audio driver but any other audio driver also you would face pops & crackle from the sound output.

Realtek Audio Driver Features

A Realtek Audio driver offers some features which most of the audio driver softwares misses out.

  • Windows 10 supported.
  • Customizations
  • Add These Codec “ALC255”, “ALC235”, “ALC867”
  • Support Windows 8.1

Realtek Audio Driver Pros & Cons


  • Windows 10 & 8.1 Support
  • Manual customization
  • Various and Multiple Codecs


  • Installation Failure
  • Crackling Sound (Due to improper installation)

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