How to Fix Windows 10 Audio Sound Problem [3 Solutions] Guide

Fix your audio or sound problems in your windows 10 computer before we start with the solutions make sure to check you haven’t accidentally muted your system and also try troubleshooting with your audio device this may identify your sound problem and it could sometimes fix it on its own.

if you have used the inbuilt Microsoft Troubleshooters before you know they don’t always catch everything but it can be worth a shot.

ok, let us start the solutions.

Fix the sound problem by uninstalling the audio driver

Uninstalling audio driver fix problem

  • The first one is to uninstall the audio driver in the device manager for that. 
  • Right-click on Windows icon 
  • From the list select Device Manager 
  • Here you can see sound video and game controllers category click and expand this.
  • Under this category right click on the current sound driver

For example in your computer, it is Realtek High definition audio right-click on it and then select Install Now it is required to confirm the uninstalling process.

This window contains an option to delete the driver software for this device make sure this box is unchecked if you check that box it will completely remove the audio driver from your computer and sound will not work at all without downloading and installing new audio driver software.

Restart your system after the restart windows will automatically install the driver software in your system this could fix your problem installing the proper audio driver can fix this no sound issue.

Fix Sound by modifying the speaker’s properties

modifying the speaker's properties

If you have done so but still can’t hear any sound try to modify the speaker’s properties right-click on the sound icon at the bottom-right corner and the desktop and select playback devices in the playback tab.

select your speakers which may be set as default and click properties go to Advanced section and change sample rate and bit depth to 24bit/44100 Hz  or 24bit/192000Hz depending on the speaker configuration or any other from the list until your sound works properly now click apply and ok to save the change 

Fix the Sound problem by disabling audio enhancements 

Fix audio problem by Disable sound Enhancemens

If the issue is still unresolved you can try another method for restoring sound that is to disable audio enhancements (audio enhancements) are inbuilt Microsoft and third-party package s designed to make sure your system-specific audio hardware works perfectly.

Sometimes these very enhancements are causing your Windows 10 audio issue disabling them might resolve your sound problem for that as we mentioned in the previous method 

  1. Right-click on the sound icon 
  2. select playback devices
  3. In playback, tab select your speakers
  4. Click properties now 
  5. click the enhancement tab
  6. make sure to check the box labeled

“disabled all enhancements” it will be usually shown here in my computer it is not shown up if you don’t see an enhancement tab then this audio device doesn’t support configurable enhancements that’s it your computer speakers should now be able to play sound normally if the sound


is still not working then try downloading and installing the latest audio drivers for windows 10 from the computer manufacturer of the website. And if you can’t find at the manufacturer site you can try by installing Realtek audio driver in your windows computer and let us know your experience by leaving comments if you find it useful

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