How to Download Photo Editing Software? Free Photo Editor

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I know a lot of people are not aware of this Software I can bet on this that very few people know about it that you get a free photo editing software with every sony alpha camera Editing Software

It’s not just a regular photo editing software you can compare it with photoshop or lightroom if you plan to buy it, you’ll have to spend a minimum of $250

This also comes in subscription-based billing just like adobe suits but you can also buy it.

Capture One Express For Sony

Sony has tied up with this company made this software available for free of cost for anyone who buys any of the sony alpha camera its called “Capture One Express For Sony”

You must have heard about this software. A Great photo editing software most of the professional photographers prefers to use it you can edit jpeg as well as RAW photos in it for those who were struggling to find a good photo editing software there search ends here…

In today’s video I’ll show you from where you can download it how you can install it on your PC I am using windows PC but this is compatible with an apple as well I will also give you a basic overview of this software like how to import photos, how to edit images its interface, color filters, etc

Finally, how to export your photo I’ll just touch on the basic guys…just to get you going if you are interested in this topic… then please watch this video till the end please press the like button I would really appreciate if you could subscribe to my channel lets start the video

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How to Download Photo Editing Software? Capture One Express For Sony

Now first we’ll type “capture one pro for sony free” from the results you will click on the link from the site you’ll get to capture one pro website on this page you’ll click on “Capture One Express” once you reach here.

You’ll choose the “for Sony” option here we will click on the “Get it here’ option and then once you reach on this page… you’ll choose the Express version only.

Because that’s the free version here you’ll get all these features with the free version we’ll click on “get free software” here I will enter my email ID password I would recommend you to register with their website before starting this process

I am already registered so I’ll enter my ID password you require to fill in some basic details on this page like your photography skills, photography field, etc after filling the details you can proceed further then you’ll be presented with the license key to your free copy of software you’ll need this key during the installation.

So keep it safe here you can see the download has already been started once the download is finished.. I’ll double click on it.. it will guide you through the process during the installation process has completed I’ll check launch now click on the finish button here you need to put the license key…

here you will enter you registered email password then you can click on the activate button I am getting this error..because I had an older version of capture one on my system

I’ll cancel it coz I have already removed that copy now the software will ask you to create a catalog so I’ll create a test catalog here catalog is a database where all your photos get stored

<iframe width=”650″ height=”366″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

this is the interface of the software to import the photos we can either click on the top left or at the center button here we’ll select the folder from where

I want to import the photos now if you want to import all the photos just click on import all or else you can select the desired photos then choose import images

you can see the import process has started you can also see the preview of the photo below now we can perform the editing on these photos as

I told you it can also edit raw photos here you can see that Sony ARW file along with JPG on the top right-hand corner… there is this Q = quick menu you’ll get all the editing tools in this menu white balance, exposure, HDR others.

you can get into each category  play with different sliders you also get an auto-adjust tool here with just one click it will auto edit your photo here you go here you can see the before and after auto adjustment, you get this option

just in case you want a quick fix you can also enable/disable different parameters of this auto adjust tool…by going under drop-down you can uncheck all the parameters which you don’t want to be auto-adjusted so let me do some basic editing with a photo here

I will start with cropping this photo using this crop tool on the top I’ll hit the enter to crop the photo now I work a little bit on the tones if you go to this “adjustment” option

you’ll get some builtin presets…or photo filters you can use them with your photos. there are lots of options available there you can select a filter as per your taste .. by just clicking on it I’ll go with this one here after the filter I’ll do a little more tweaking

I’ll go back to the quick menu adjust the exposure contrast now my image is ready for export I’ll click on this export button on the top left corner here is the export menu you’ll choose the destination folder by going here you can also change the name of your photos

you can adjust the photo quality or file size as I am going to use it for the web so I’ll reduce its quality so what do you think about today’s Article guys.

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