Do I Need Realtek HD Audio Driver ( Answer ) Full Guide

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What is Realtek HD Audio Driver

Realtek HD Audio Driver is software for our computer system Audio IC which is controlling our audio function in a computer system, the Realtek audio driver is made by a company called Realtek for there Realtek audio IC chips. If you have a system that has Audio chip in its motherboard by Realtek then you can install Realtek audio driver software for controlling audio functions in your Computer System.

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Do I Need Realtek Hd Audio Driver?

Here is a question raised that “ do I need Realtek HD audio driver?

As we have discussed Realtek audio drivers are made by a company Realtek who makes this software for there Realtek audio IC chips.

Then if you have a system with Realtek audio IC chips than you absolutely need to download install Realtek HD audio Drivers in your computer and you can download Realtek HD Audio Driver hare.

But if you don’t have Realtek audio IC chip in your system than you don’t need to install Realtek driver because there are many more companies who are making audio chips IC for motherboards called VIA, Winbond and Segmatel company are creating chips so if you have those IC chipsets than you can download and install their audio driver which are provided by them.


How to Check a Sound Card Chipset on a Motherboard

If you don’t know about your sound card chipset name which is in your motherboard, You need to know about it because if you don’t know then you can not able to identify that which sound card audio drivers you need to install in your computer.

To check which sound card / Audio IC chip your motherboard has you need to follow these steps defined below.

  1. The first step is you need to disconnect all unnecessary components or devices which are connected with your system like all multimedia and gaming controller devices.
  2. Click on start and search for ” Device “ in the search bar.
  3. Hit on Device Manager and open it then find “Sound, Video and Game Controllers” double click and open it.
  4. After opening a new window screen check-in tabs for Audio Device click on this tab and you can see all the information about sound card audio IC chipset in your system.


Do I Need Realtek Hd Audio Manager?

Realtek HD Audio Manager separate software from Realtek audio drivers, People asked the question “Do I need Realtek HD audio manager“ in my computer while if I don’t have any audio problem and error in my system, then the Answer is absolute No you no need to install Realtek audio manager because it’s not crucial to run audio in your system,

But you still can install the Realtek HD audio manager.

Because Realtek audio manager is working as an audio controller or manager along with Realtek audio drivers and Audio IC chip, it can allow you to manage your newly connected audio supported devices like microphone/speakers and headphones. You can control their access and volume of each device by Realtek HD audio manager.

There are lots of more benefits to Realtek HD audio manager that it can automatically detect plugged and newly plugged devices like Mic/speaker/headphones and it has some advance adjustment features that are not available in windows audio control panel area

However, it’s not necessary to run it every time, you can run it when you need to manage things with manager, I put a shortcut command hare to run Realtek HD audio driver the RUN command is  “ RAVCpl64.exe “ when you need to run it you can simply put this command in windows RUN and it will open Realtek manager.


Which Realtek Driver Do I Need?

If you still don’t know which Realtek audio drivers you need to install for your system, then you can read the instructions above where we discuss

“How to Check a Sound Card Chipset on a Motherboard” simply go above and follow the steps,

At the end in driver details, you can find the names of your Special files that are we can say the special identity key for your system audio drivers, You can copy one of them and a search on the internet you will find related Realtek audio drivers with your file name you can simply download and install.

Hare in the image you can see an example of Realtek driver’s details provided by the Conexant system inc also you can see the special files and there name which you can copy and search to find out your Realtek audio drivers.


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