Best Weather Apps for Android | Dark Sky, AccuWeather

Best weather app

Today I’m going to talk about a couple of weather apps. I’ve got Dark Sky, AccuWeather.

Best Weather Apps for Android for accurate weather forecasting

Let’s Brake the ice!

Dark Sky

I’m going to start off with Dark Sky. I’m from Houston, our weather here today is actually quite nice. It’s 85, which is better than it’s been the past couple of days, it’s been quite hot.

You can see that I’ve got a breakdown here of what the weather is going to be like as far as temperature and rain on the side here, broken down by hour, and I’ve got a map here so I could see the radar.

Thankfully there’s nothing too crazy going on here today and the main reason I wanted to bring up this app is that now is the time of the year that we are seeing, um, a lot of activities far as weather goes.

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I’ve AccuWeather, and I haven’t completely set this one up because I wanted to bring up this very important point about all of these weather apps.

They ask for permission to use your location. There’s a very important reason why you should allow them to use your location because you want the weather for your specific location, this is uh definitely an area where you want to allow the app to access your location. So I’m going to choose the option down here that says “Allow”.

Great, and I do have another option here to allow this app to send me notifications or not, I’m going to go ahead and allow it to send me notifications. I’d like to know if there are any warnings I need to know about.

You can see in Accuweather first is the temperature unit and centigrade or for tonight you can select or deselect even the sounds auto-update on our feature is available and at the last update interval you can change the variations are starting from Bernard till 24 hours so that’s about the setting and towards the left side you can see the city of places you can add for which you want to monitor the weather

By pressing this add city you can select the other locations and you can also search your specific city by through the search bar so going back to the main page on the top right-hand side over here you can see the city New York is despair.

You’ll see the matter of the other locations which you have selected towards the top it shows the animation of the current weather situation that is the cloudy overcast and the temperature current 22 degrees is shown min-max is also mentioned and below that you can see that the echo weather stamped words right side.

Last updated 27 minutes ago is mentioned the Arleigh weather is the next which you can see by scrolling left or right and below that you will see the forecast for the next four days including the men max temperature and the next is the humidity level the comfort level how it feels like what is the temperature and UV index right now it is one the wind direction and speeds are also given by the app for that current location

Right now in New York South Westerley when out of 28 to 38 kph for our km/h is there and lastly it gives you the sunrise and sunset times and the current position of the Sun in the form of animation also so that’s the echo weather app.

It has a visit also which you can see on your desktop only on your screen and by clicking that you can again come into your Android this weather app interface so that’s about it for this app in this Artice we give you the Android that is the best free weather app for Android

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