6 Best Screen Recording Software for PC or Laptop in 2020

Guys if you use windows 10 computer or laptop, then I will be telling you 6 screen recording software, by using which you can very easily record the screen of your windows 10 without any watermark or time limit and that too for free

Best Screen Recording Software for PC or Laptop

So let’s begin with the first software which is basically an inline tool called Apowersoft free online screen recorder


For this, you need to download a launcher in that you can directly double click on it and open it and from there you can online record your screen.

Later you can save it or if you want to draw something on it you can do that on this software or online tool There is no time limit on this Everything can be done for free

Flashback express

So the second tool is flashback express, this is basically a software by using which you can record your screen very easily and if you won’t don’t have to adjust any setting in this

Here the audio is great as well If you want to know more about this then I have already made a video about this flashback express The link to the video is in the description as well.

Here the format used is .fbr and you can record many videos and then to export it you can use .mpg format to export it So this will save your time and all the exporting will be done So flashback express is a good option, if you want to download it and use it, go ahead, as there are no watermarks.

Share x

Now guys the 3rd option is Share x. Even this is a great productivity tool where you find a lot of things like an image editor or screen recorder and many more things in this one software. This is open-source software so you can download it.

it is light weighted hence you will face no lags with this So even this is a great option if you want to record your screen in Windows 10 If you have low RAM then definitely try the share x tool.

After Screen Recording you have to Edit the video Check this Article: The Best FREE Video Editing Software for PC and MACĀ 

OBS studio

Now guys for the next software we have OBS studio Even this is an open-source software There is no limitation in the feature neither is there any problem But to use this you have to learn a lot of things first as this is an advanced level software

You will find everything in this Like screen recording, streaming, or making any tutorial you can use this to make them very easily. The face cam also works very well with OBS studio and you can do all of that very smoothly

So you can try this as well but you might have to learn a lot of things Firstly in OBS studio you need to learn related things first then you can use this very efficiently If you are into gaming then this is a very good option for you

Screen recorder pro

Now the next software we have is a screen recorder pro basically it is a Microsoft app The interface is very simple there is an option to record and you can use it to record very easily. So this is a very easy screen recording software.

You can try this In Microsoft store you can find this screen recorder pro tool, though I will give the link in the description From there you can download it

Streamlabs OBS

Now guys for the last software we have is Streamlabs OBS This is basically a software by using which, if you are a gamer then you can stream very easily and also record your screen

You also get options for themes and whatever settings you have made here if you log-in in some other PC with your account all that settings will be available there as well This is the best thing I have noticed about this

So if you are a gamer and into streaming then you should definitely try stream lab OBS So these were the 6 screen recorders which you can try for free.

Hope you found this Article Informative!

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