5 Best Mobile Video Editing App 2020 for Android – Best Video Editing Apps

Best Video Editing apps

In this Article five more professional best video editing apps which you can use to edit videos on your smartphone

In this article we are going to discuss the five best apps in android and ios which you can use to edit really professional-looking videos you can shoot the video inside the app you can shoot edit and export and upload all in one app


the first one is PowerDirector so you have heard of power director they have got a computer version and they have got app version


so let me show you the app version you can do the basic editing you will have different filters you will have a chroma key or green screen you can speed up your clips or reverse it you can do voice over you can add music and you can also exportin different resolution HD to 4k directly to Facebook or youtube

one and a half years back when I talked about editing videos with a smartphone people just say who man this is not possible come on now you can shoot videos like this with this quality with the smartphone

you can edit the video upload the video and do everything in one smartphone the phones nowadays are really really smart and no no no no no

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now the next app is filmora that’s got a lot of options like add subtitles you can do the basic editing you can choose fonts you can cut the clip it will give you a different kind of transitions there’s not different kind of transitions and video effects it will give you different themes it has got some pre-edited themes

FilmoraGo Free Video Editor

You can use this template to make a ready-made video it has got different speed controls like you can increase the speed reverse the speed

It has an fx store which will give you different effects light leaks and transitions and a lot of different other effects you can definitely try the filmora go app and


next is imovie so this is one of my favorite video editing app and I use it every day a lot of videos even a lot of videos uploaded on youtube are edited on the iMovie app

iMovie Turn videos into movie magic

it is a very basic video editing app it comes with the ios for iPhone and iPad like I just love the ease of use of the app in iMovie you have the basic options to cut the video to duplicate the video to detach the audio from the video you can

You will get different transitions you’ll get different filters effects and the export time is really quick and you can export it up to 4k60 frames per seconds

That are dope now comes the absolute best you’ve heard of adobe premiere pro that’s

Adobe rush it

the best software that’s the best professional video editing software to edit videos on they have launched an app called adobe rush it has a desktop version too

Adobe Premiere Rush Video Editor

but the app version is also great like you have got multi-track editing you can do a lot of things noise reduction auto-ducking and a lot more features in the audio section you will get three exports free in adobe premiere rush after that you have to buy the version with a monthly or yearly payment in a different video

I will show you how you can edit in these specific apps in details now in this video I’m just gonna mention the names of the apps next next next next


next, we have we’re also going to discuss in the shot that is also not a bad one it has improved a lot nowadays so the inshot video editor flip your videos duplicate your videos


you can adjust the speed of your clips you can crop your video you can add music it has got some music library it has got a good music library you can add a different kind of music from their library or you can add your own music

it will also give you different filters and effects and will also give you different framing options you can frame your shots according to your need you will get different text and stickers you will have different text and stickers for your trending social media videos you can even edit photos and create a collage inside this app and no no no no no



the last I’ve got luma fusion so this app is doing wonders and it has got like super features from color grading color correcting to a lot of transition and everything

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