3 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android in October 2020

photo editing app

So I wanted a Photo Editing App but there are so many of them, and with identical features; that it got me confused.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android | Edit Photos like a Professional

So I conducted a small search, trying out all the apps available, but I needed the following features: With this in mind, let’s jump right into it.

Photo Collage Maker by Inshot

So at #3 on our list, we have the Photo Collage Maker by Inshot. Inc. This is how the app looks. It lets you adjust your photos. And this one also lets you add highlights to your photos.

And then you can use the free stickers and texts to your photos, the way you like it.

But when it comes to image resizing, this one gives you the option of choosing from a list of pre-defined sizes. Sizes that would fit best with your Instagram posts, or your twitter posts, or as a WhatsApp profile picture, or a Facebook profile picture.

Remember how frustrating it gets when social media crops your photos every time you try to post it?? Yeah that one….. well, this should help. You can choose a background color, or blur the same image to use it as the background. And then it has a Pin Board that lets you arrange photos however you want it.

And of course…. you can make beautiful collages also. This is how they all look once you save them in your phone gallery.

Photo Editor Pro

In at #2, we have Photo Editor Pro again, by Inshot. Inc. Even this one can make adjustments to your photos just like the earlier one. And add some special effects.

You can add stickers and texts with a lot of styles to it. You can resize images into preset sizes for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and stuff. And then choose the background of your liking. And you can make nice collages and also draw over it.

You can then directly post it to your social media handle if you wish, or simply save it in your phone’s gallery. And this is how it looks once it’s saved in the gallery. Keep in mind though, this one lets you make collages only through its set layouts. There is no freestyle collage making option.

InShot Inc. seems to have a lot of their products on this list. Perhaps they are, actually, this good. Who knows!! You should give them a try. And the best photo editing app is PicsArt by PicsArt.


Even this app can make adjustments to your photos but it has a few more options. You can add stickers and resize your image from the top.

At the same time, giving it a beautiful background. And you can add texts and style it as you like. You could also draw. Some of the additional features of this are It lets you add shape masks.

You can use cool-looking filters. It also has a cool cropping feature that lets you crop from the images in different shapes and sizes. You can also disperse part of/or the entire picture. You can add layers of the same image, using motion, and make it look better.

The perspective feature lets you tilt the image sideways or front-ways. And then there’s almost an endless list of features that make this app the Best Photo Editing App out there. You can obviously make collages using the built-in grid layouts and give it a background of your choosing.

And you can use the free-style collage maker and place different pictures in any way your heart desires. So these are the features that make PicsArtby PicsArt the best, and free, photo editing app out there.

And that’s about it for this Article. I hope you enjoyed it.

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