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Today! we will talk about the best voice recorder apps for Android in this article we are going to discuss some of the best high quality recorded apps that will help you to record meetings lectures and speeches

Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android

voice recording app

let’s check out this list:

Easy voice recorder

Number one easy voice recorder this app recorder helps rename files and delete your recordings and also save them as a ringtone and much more features of easy voice recorder include it records high-quality PCM and AAC or use AM R to save space

It shares and manages your recordings easily and transfer them to your computer with its pro version you can upload your recordings to cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive

Voice recorder

Number two voice recorder. The Voice recorder application is totally free and easy to use you can easily record speeches interviews songs and so on features of the voice recorder

It includes this app is easy to understand because of its simplified interface you can share the recording via email SMS MMS Facebook WhatsApp Dropbox and so on this application is the best recorder for sound recording with high quality

Smart recorder

Number three smart recorder this application is free and easy to use audio recorder forAndroid features of smart recorder include smart recorder is efficient and easy on the battery light it supports life audio spectrum analyzer you can also capture your recordings in the background

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Titanium voice recorder

Number four titanium voice recorder with number ID the app also allows you to record phone calls when using the speakerphone its caller ID feature allows identifying unknown callers and spam calls features of titanium voice recorder with number included

You can delete and share multiple files at the same time with this app this application helps in a record in stereo for the supported device you can also control your recordings from the status bar on your phone see

Wreck Forge RecSports

Wreck Forge RecSports – is an Android voice recorder and editor to record convert play edit and share your recordings in the most popular audio format feature soft wreck parts to include this app enables manual gain adjustment

You can also adjust the tempo which playing rate with wreck force moreover this apps allow controlling the recorder from the notification bar

Parrot voice recorder

number 6 parrot voice recorder for Android Paris is a free voice recorder app which allows you to record play and shares voice recordings also offers in-app purchases for more upgrades features of parrot voice recorder includes you can easily manage your recording and playback with smart devices this app offers a scheduled recording option parent voice recorder allows volume booster to enhance the track

Mp3 voice recorder

Number 7 mp3 voice recorder this simple voice recorder app records up to 10 minutes per clip features of high q– mp3 voice recorder includes recordings are stored as mp3files in real-time and can be played almost everywhere

This app supports automatic uploads to clouds such as Google Drive and Dropbox you can also customize audio quality with a changeable bitrate up to 320 kbps

Call recorder

call recorder is the best FREE call recorder application that automatically records incoming and outgoing calls features of call recorder includes it provides an option to blacklist white list favorite search and much more

This app is good for marketing professionals who do not want to miss a single call moreover you can also organize your call record by group names or group by dates

Best voice recorder

Best voice recorder is an Android app for recording high-quality audio this app is free to use with all features with no additional in-app purchases features of best voice recorder includes you can capture the recording and m4a wav and USD format it has an inbuilt order recorder with rock screen controls this app also records in the background

Coaching notes

coaching notes and worse Shikata coach Azar modern note-taking and worse recording app that records only the important parts of the conversation and also add images hashtags and text notes features of include you can capture with unlimited recording durations

you can also link photos of important visuals like a whiteboard or handwritten notes this app also enables to add hashtag and contacts for easy search so viewers this was the quick review of the best voice recorder apps for Android so

If you have used any of these tools feel free to share your experience in the comments below I hope you liked this Article

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